Sunday, October 30, 2011

Have I missed the whole year??? I guess so, this is one of my new twin grandsons born Feb. 23rd, same day as Jada's birthday.  This is going to be the best year for me with 3 new boys joining the family!!  First I get twin grandsons and before the year is out a NEW son-in-law to spoil and dote over.  Love it !!  I'm still working on BEST mother-in-law on the planet award and soon I'll have another subject to vote for ME !!!  
These birthday cake pops turned out so cute in blue !

Just a random photo I LOVE, This is Kimberly's last doctors appt before delivering her twins randomly about 6 weeks early (exactly on Jada's 5th birthday, of all days).  On Feb. 23rd, 2011.  Of course I was there the whole time enjoying everything.
Another Fav picture I took of all 4 kidlets.  Ty and Dax are such a happy joy.  All 4 kids are so unique, just their own little people.  Love it.
This is Kalle, aged 3, enjoying her new haircut in the mirror.  
This is the new couple, Adam and Stephanie, hitting the links.  New Years is a fine time for a wedding!!  We can't wait.

How gullible am I??  We went and saw The Danger Brothers at the Heineygate (tailgate) party before an OSU football game.  The band was incredible and they had this guy, Gary Clapton, play with them for a few songs...amazing guitar skills!!  I had to get my picture with him!!  They said he's Eric Clapton's brother, COOL  !!!  He was enjoying kissing me and all the hugs, wow a celebrity (or brother of) how fun !!!  I checked later on the internet about Eric Clapton and his brothers, nada.  Well, his skills were amazing even if it was a joke, I totally fell for it.  When we walked in, Stephanie and Adam had to show ID since there was drinking (ha ha), then they saw me and waved me in...insult...guess I can't pass for young anymore.  Whatev.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thanks, Santa !!

Christmas brings so many examples of what we love and who loves us. Just a fun time to splurge on the ones we care about...Christmas isn't just for kids! Chris got a middle school photo of Kimberly ( in his stocking) and he hugged it all day!

Hooray for Veterans

I knew my Dad didn't have any "Veteran Gear" which he really needs to be all the other dudes up in the cold country of Michigan. And since he was drafted and served his country (in Japan) during the Korean War, I got him a cool Army hat and Army jacket for Christmas. Doesn't he look great!!! I think he was pleased.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Cottage

Since Fall is falling upon us I take one look back at the place where all is simple and peaceful....the cottage. I love bringing a few books, my one pair of slippers, a few clothes and just relaxing....I rarely fix my hair and I can just be a mess. Games at night are the rule or tricky puzzles to keep our brains going. Here are a few shots of our place. This was September and the winter winds have already arrived so it looks a little fierce. Nothing like the balmy breezes of summer...but worth gazing upon with fondness.....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Keep away everyone !!

We love visiting lighthouses along the lake and climbing to the top!!!

The best kept secret of the midwest, which I am about to reveal, is Lake Michigan. Where in the world can you get fresh, clean water...beautiful white sandy beaches and hardly anyone in your way?? Yep, Lake Michigan. It only takes from 5 to 9 hours to go up the west coast of Michigan and stop at the numerous beaches and state parks. All the way up to the Sleeping Bear Dunes and on over to Mackinac Island...there's hardly a prettier place on the planet. We love to spend our summers there and enjoy a quiet and restful time taking long walks on the beach and over to the pier. Shopping in Pentwater and getting ice cream is a rite of summer. Here's a few pics just to give you the flavor...and no crowds. I saw a few great t-shirts this summer about Michigan. One said "Lake Michigan...shark free" and another said, "Lake Michigan, unsalted". So true. People always ask me if these are pictures of the ocean, HA, they have no idea how close a real paradise is to Ohio. But keep away, we want to keep it that way!

Can you say Stinker?

My granddaughter Kalle is the most adorable stinker on the planet. She can control just about all situations...and really has her grandpa wrapped around her little finger. She is destined to be a leader...even if she will be small.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where does Peanut Butter Come from???

This is Crazy Richard in the factory checking on the finished product before shipping to the grocery stores.
The peanuts are cleaned and graded and put into these enormous bags for shipping to the peanut butter factory. The bags are only used once and then recycled.
This darling little peanut plant is only a few weeks old. It will get yellow blossoms that will then shoot out a stick that will poke into the ground. From that stick will grow the peanuts underground.
This tractor is planting the rows of peanuts. They are planted in rows of 2, close together. The Tractor is GPS guided and knows exactly where to go and how to make the rows straight. This farmer owns about 12 or 13 tractors and they cost over $250,000. each He's a small farmer compared to some others in Georgia. The best peanuts in the world are grown in Georgia.
This is afreshly planted field. Once the plants sprout they will be watered by big sprinklers overhead.